CLA History Day

If you had visited school on Thursday, March 12, you would have been impressed with the variety of historical people that walked our hallways.  From Ghandi to Lenin; Rachel Saint to Pete Rose; Laura Ingalls Wilder to George Bush; Harriet Tubman to Rosa Parks; you would have met them and many others.  Our 26 students in grades 5-8 presented their oral and visual presentations to judges in the morning, and to the students and parents in the afternoon.  It was a full day, with the excitement of presenting their hard work to all who would listen.  Ribbons were awarded to all, and two Judges Awards for Outstanding Performances were awarded.  Special recognition to Faith Kanych (Harriet Tubman), Hallie Keeler (Helen Keller), Jessica Miller (Juliette Low), and Gabriella Silva (Henry Ford) for achieving a Superior rating and blue ribbon from the judges.  Congratulations also to Fabricio Fernandes (Lenin) and Irina de la Gasca (Rosa Parks) for their outstanding performances in portraying their chosen historical person. Everyone who came had a good time.