“You are the Light of the World”…Jesus

In obedience to this proclamation of Jesus in Matthew 5:14, we want to learn to be brighter lights for the Lord this year.  All of our students will know before too long that this is our school theme.

There are  many scriptures about various aspects of light.  Some have to do with Jesus himself, who is the Light of the world.  Others make reference to physical light to illumine our path.

The verse in 1 John, chapter 1, verse 7, will help to guide us as we walk through this exciting school year.  It is a verse with a condition for us all.  IF we walk in the light……THEN we will have fellowship with each other. (paraphrased)  It is good for our students to know Jesus better, love Him more, be able to talk about Jesus with their friends, and pray together with their friends and schoolmates.

We teachers and staff set the challenge before ourselves to shed a brighter Light through our lives this year.

Introducing New Faculty at CLA

As we start out our new school year, you may notice that we have done some rearranging of teaching faculty.  Mrs. Torres, our Kindergarten teacher for many years, has moved up to the Second Grade classroom.  She is anticipating a great year with an enlarged class.  Of course, many of these students are excited to have Mrs. Torres again, since they had her in Kindergarten.

We didn’t have a Kindergarten opening for very long.   Mrs. Pfeiffer, formerly our 3rd grade teacher, will be returning to the Kindergarten classroom.  She has spent many past years with these younger students and is looking forward to this year.

If she could be in two places at once, she would be teaching 3rd grade, also, but we have Mrs. Stafford moving to Third Grade.  She also has taught third grade before and she is so excited about being with our third grade class this year!  She leaves the middle school classroom after a very successful year.

Mrs. Donna Collins is our new middle school history teacher and 8th grade homeroom. She has had a lot of experience with many grade levels, and she is looking forward to this year.

It is exciting to see how the Lord has placed each teacher in the ‘right place’ for this year.  In addition, Dr. Aldrich, who was our Computer teacher, will be teaching Middle School Mathematics and working to develop our math program in the upper grades.  She is very highly qualified, as she has taught for many years at Western Connecticut State University. Even there, the Lord provided a wonderful computer teacher in Mrs. Danielle Carroll.  Mrs. Carroll is perhaps better known to some of our students at Danielle and Michael, the youth ministers here at Brookfield Assembly.

There are so many great things happening, so many pieces coming into place, so many ways that God is moving through people, and connections, by the power of your prayers, and of our church members, and of other saints whom God has raised up to be prayer warriors for Christian Life Academy!  Thanks be to our Lord and Savior, Jesus!


Patriots Day Remembrance on 9/11

On Friday, September 11, students and staff at Christian Life Academy will remember the events of that historic day in 2001.

We’ll show our patriotism by wearing red, white, and/or blue top with regular dress code pants or skirt.

We’ll show our respect as each classroom remembers the events of the day with age appropriate readings, poems, and prayers.

And we will be so very grateful for the freedoms we still enjoy in this country.

Welcome Back Picnic and Orientation

Picnic Poster

Your teachers and Mrs. Freeman invite you to our Back To School Picnic!  Great fun, great food, and great friends–both new and old–come together to make a fun event as we look towards a new school year.  Parents, get important information; kids, come eat, play games, meet your teachers!