2016 Matching Grant Opportunity


Christmas is truly a miracle…something above the ordinary or usual. The generosity of those supportive of Christian education at Christian Life Academy may not be miraculous, but it certainly is remarkable!

This year we again want to thank a generous donor who will match your every dollar given to help Christian Life Academy grow!  Your $10 can quickly become $20 in this way.  And yes, every single dollar does help.  I have heard many of you express your joy at being a part of CLA.  I know that many of your extended family also are very supportive and appreciative.

We have appreciated your support in our last matching grant opportunity.  Last year we were able to update our computers throughout the school because of your generosity, among other updates. This year a portion of the funds will go towards expanding our classroom ability to visually enhance the teaching and learning that takes place.

Your gift given by December 31st will help not just for this year, but for developing a generation.  A bit far-fetched? I don’t think so!  We are educating and training our students to be strong, biblically principled young people, strengthened with spiritual authority! They are making and will continue to make a difference in their world.  Join me and be remarkable again this year!

This year you also have the ability to give a donation online.  Click Here, Select Christian Life Academy and fill in the memo “Matching Grant”

Thank you and God’s blessing for a peaceful Christmas season for you and your family.


Samaritan Health Center is Mission Focus at CLA

Samaritan Health Center is our focus for our December mission outreach.  The Health Center is a mission-driven center for children who are not eligible for health care. Dr. Sampson came and spoke to our chapel at the beginning of the month. We have been adding our coins together to raise enough money to help one child to have health care for the year. Each class has a “Coins for Kids” jar that is being filled with coins and bills.    Since our students are such thankful givers, we may be able to help two children. The monies from our dress down day on Monday, December 14th will also go to the fund. Our faculty has also generously contributed to help ‘one of the least of these’.  We pray that this local ministry will continue to be able to reach the physical needs of  children needing medical attention, and to touch the spiritual needs of the children and their families as they pray for those who desire.

Spiritual Week at CLA

Spiritual Emp CollageWhat a great week we had with our friends from Coastlands Consultants!  Dr. Brady, Mr. Huffman, and Miss Cassie were joined by students from Concord Christian Academy.  Depending on the group, you may have learned about Salvation, Healing, Obedience, Endurance, and Safety (SHOES).  If you enjoyed the older group, LEAD was your keyword.  The classrooms were abuzz with conversation and questions throughout the day, after daily chapel. Oh yes, we did get learning done, and our hearts were challenged and blessed!  Thank you, Coastlands, for sharing your hearts with us at Christian Life Academy.