Playground Equipment–Window of Opportunity

Attention:   Parents, we have an opportunity to purchase some outdoor equipment from Trassig,  a local playground company.   

They are having a warehouse sale in New Milford.  I will be stopping in there today to see what kinds of things may be available, and the price range.  The prices on their website are sale prices, not clearance prices, so we would do better than that


At first I thought to let the opportunity go by, since our improvement monies are being spent on carpeting three classrooms.  In addition we are able to have 4 classrooms freshly painted.              But I decided to “let my request be made known to God” ….and to you.   

If you are interested in contributing toward a piece of equipment for both the inside and the outside playground, or if you know someone who may be willing to make a donation of any amount, the easiest way  may be to go to the church website link, below, and choose CLA-School Donation as the fund.

If you are in the area and want to stop in with a donation, we’d love to see you, but I know that convenience is key in these busy days, so online giving is a blessing!

I would like to get a spring rider for the  preschool playground, and a chinning bar set for the outside playground, at the very least. I will update with prices if I can get them.

Remember that even if you can’t give at this time, you can pray that God would touch the hearts of those who can.  Every little bit helps!