Christian Life Academy joins in the Great Bedtime Story Pajama Drive

Through the Pajama Drive, the students as Christian Life Academy are joining with hundreds of other classrooms to provide new pajamas for thousands of at-risk children. The pajamas that we donate will go to children who live in shelters, group homes, foster care and other organizations that support at-risk youth.

Along with the pair of pajamas from the Pajama Program, Scholastic Books will donate a bedtime story book for each child so that these precious children receive warm ‘jammy’s’ and a comforting bedtime story.   We are glad to be a part of such an outreach.
A big thank you to all our students who brought in pajamas, to our tremendous parents who help our students  learn to be generous givers, and to Mrs. Torres who made us aware of this opportunity.


Hour of Code at Christian Life Academy


Our Computer Science classes under the guidance of our computer teacher, Mrs. Danielle Carroll, will be hosting an Hour of Code for Christian Life Academy students.

We live in a world surrounded by technology. And we know that whatever field our students choose to go into as adults, their ability to succeed will increasingly depend on understanding how technology works.

But only a tiny fraction of us are learning how technology works. Fewer than half of all schools teach computer science.

That’s why our students in grades 3-8 are joining in on the largest learning event in history: The Hour of Code, during Computer Science Education Week (December 4-10). More than 100 million students worldwide have already tried an Hour of Code.  We will participate during our regular computer classes.

Ask your children what they did during the Hour of Code in their computer classes.  Here, Patrick is moving commands in the correct order to unlock gates.  Each level adds a greater challenge!

Our Hour of Code is making a statement that Christian Life Academy is ready to teach these foundational 21st-century skills.

Our December matching grant fund raiser would be a great way to assure that CLA has the updated equipment that we need to be on the cutting edge.  Please prayerfully consider your part in helping us continue to bring updated technology to your children and grandchildren.

This is a chance to change the future of education in at  Christian Life Academy!

See for more information, and help spread the word.

The Advent Season-Week One

The Advent Season-Week One

I want to share a few thoughts here throughout the month of December as we enter into the Advent Season. This is a season where Christian families have to work hard to focus on the scriptural meaning of Christmas. There are four Sundays in Advent, leading up to Christmas. This year the first Sunday of Advent in December 3rd, although many churches celebrated this past Sunday as the 1st Sunday of Advent.
For the Freeman family, we often changed our activity, but still focused on the important message that each week brings leading up to our celebration of the birth of the Christ Child.

Perhaps you celebrate the Advent Season with an Advent Wreath, lighting a new candle each week, each signifying a different theme from the Christmas story. The theme of the first week is the expectation of the coming of the Messiah. A s Christians, we await not just the remembrance of the birth of Christ, but the anticipation of the second coming of Christ.

Perhaps your family reads a set of scriptures for each week. The scriptures for the first week focus on prophecies in the Old Testament that tell about the coming of the Messiah, as well as including scriptures from the New Testament that reference His second coming.
Suggested Scripture Readings: Isaiah 2:1-4; Isaiah 9; Acts 1:10-11; 1 Thessalonians 4:15-18; Revelation 22:20

Perhaps you sing or play a carol that goes with the particular week of Advent. Carols that we often associate with this week is “O Come, O Come, Emmanuel” .

In whatever way your family chooses to draw close to the Lord this season, Mr. Freeman and I pray that you take time to have some special family times, looking to the Word who brings light in the darkness-both two thousand years ago and in this present time. Blessings to your family from ours.