CLA High School

Christian Life Academy will be expanding into high school in September of 2016.  The foundation of the high school will be a distinct Christian worldview presentation.

  • The core classes of a student’s curriculum will be completed at a regular pace online through accredited Liberty University Online Academy. There will be a variety of courses within a subject from which students will be able to choose.
  • Course offerings through Liberty University are varied and challenging. Our facilitator will help direct students on a daily basis.  College counseling from a qualified guidance counselor at CLA will be available to help our students and families navigate the road to college and  career.
  • Enrichment offerings at CLA High School will be intensive and intentional. As well as exploring the expressive nature of the arts and technology, many life skills will be exercised and integrated into a project that will serve some part of our community.
  • Physical education will meet weekly, with a variety of activities. After school sports offerings may also be available.



Frequently Asked Questions (printable version)

Is this online high school CLA’s own program, or another institutions?

CLA is partnering with Liberty University Online Academy in Lynchburg, Virginia.  LUOA began in 2007 with 23 students and has grown to over 1900 students in all 50 states and in 24 foreign countries.  CLA will become an onsite facility for LUOA’s program.

Is the online High School program accredited?

Yes.  Liberty University Online Academy is accredited with SACS (Southern Association of Schools and Colleges), which is the sister organization of NEASC (New England Association of Schools and Colleges).

When and where will the High Schoolers attend school?

Our High School students will attend CLA for a regular school day, following our school calendar.  Our school doors open at 8:15am and all students are expected in their homeroom to start the day at 8:25am.  Students are dismissed at 3:10pm along with everyone else.  (Before and After Care is also available in the event your student needs to be dropped off early, or stay late.)  School policies regarding absences and tardies will remain the same.  Within that time frame we will have flexibility.

Is there a school uniform?

Yes, the high school students will follow our school’s Dress Code policy. There may be some additional options given to the high schoolers.

Will there be busing?

For students who live in Brookfield, busing is available.

Will my child receive a diploma?

Yes!  Your student will receive a diploma from Christian Life Academy, but their high school transcripts will come from Liberty University Online Academy.  LUOA and CLA will work together to make sure our graduates meet all CT state requirements for their diploma.

Is there a High School entrance exam?

Yes.  For all students, part of the admissions process is a placement exam.

What classes are taught online and what classes are taught “live”?

All core classes (English, Science, Math, History, Social Studies) will be taught online, by Liberty University teachers.  These pre-recorded lectures can be viewed at any time.  The distance teachers, however, have dedicated office hours for questions, and there is a 1-800 number to call.

Bible, Spanish, Music, Art, Gym, Technology and other special electives will be taught on-site.   LUOA also offers many electives that are available online that may be taken by the student.

NOTE: On site at CLA, the students will have a fulltime facilitator who will supervise their activities, monitor their behavior, and be their on-site counselor/teacher.  This facilitator will also be responsible for contacting LUOA if there are situations that require immediate attention regarding a student’s course work.

Are the online High School teachers certified?

Yes.  All online High School teachers are licensed professionals who hold a degree in their subject area.  The teacher assesses the student’s work and is responsible for the curriculum and day-to-day academic well-being of each student.   Our onsite facilitator will also be supervising each student’s progress and will be in contact with both LUOA and parents.

Can we see our student’s grades online?

Yes.  Parents and students can access LUOA grades anytime via the online gradebook.  Parents are encouraged to take an active role in their child’s education and develop the parent/teacher/student relationship as in a traditional classroom.

Is there any work NOT done on the computer?

Yes!  Projects that are accomplished away from the computer include science experiments, as well as research papers for Language Arts, History, and Bible.  Also, our Language Arts courses include reading and evaluating printed novels, plays, and biographies.

Our high school students will also participate in school-wide and regional events sponsored by ACSI.

 Do I pay tuition directly to LUOA or CLA?

All High School students will pay their tuition to CLA.   We have a contract with LUOA, and CLA will pay a fee per student to them. Parents do not send any money to LUOA.  The tuition for CLA High School is $6,000 with an additional fee of $200 to help defray other activity expenses. Financial aid is offered with Advisory Board approval. We use FACTS Assessment to help determine your need.

Does my child need their own computer/laptop?

All incoming students will be given a laptop as part of their tuition to CLA.  Replacements, repairs, or upgrades will be the responsibility of the parent.

 Are Honors or AP classes available?

No, but Juniors and Seniors who qualify are able to take Liberty University courses and earn college credit at the same time as high school credit.  These credits will be a part of their transcript and can transfer into the college of their choice.

NOTE:  From Dr. Klamm, Superintendent of Liberty University Online Academy:  “Our position on AP courses is that we do not offer them for several reasons.  A critical reason has to do with the content in philosophy embedded within AP.  For example, classical literature in AP English is considered to be literature written after 1900.  We disagree with this position, believing that great literature precedes 1900. Additionally, to receive credit, students take a national test at the end of the course.  The score earned on that test determines whether or not college credit can be granted. Not all colleges accept AP credit regardless of the score.  For instance, Liberty University accepts AP for the first semester of freshman English, but does not accept AP for the second semester, regardless of the AP score.  Rather than spending time and money on a course that is a gamble, we have chosen to partner with Liberty University online and offer our student the opportunity to take actual college courses.  The advantage of taking an actual college course is that daily work counts toward the credit and the credit earned is transferable to other colleges.  Students taking online courses at the University receive dual credit through LUOA so the courses count for high school credit and college credit.  A unique feature of this partnership is that we can provide our students with the opportunity to take college courses at a reduced price.  Our students pay $495 for a 3-hr college course.  After graduation, that same course would cost around $1200.  Our experience has been that dual credit college courses are a better investment of time and money when compared to AP courses.”

What if my student falls behind?

For all classes, there are pre-determined progress checkpoints, and our on-site facilitator will be responsible for making sure no one falls behind.  The teachers at Liberty will also be in regular touch with our facilitator regarding all students. If however, something out of the ordinary occurs (ie, your student is out of school for a month due to illness), the online courses can be extended and finished at home over the summer.  The parent will assume the role of facilitator and will communicate directly with Liberty.

 Will the high schoolers have opportunities for leadership within the school and community?

Yes, we plan to have organized community projects for our high schoolers, as well as give them opportunities to lead events within the school (Chapel, Talent Show, etc).

 How will CLA handle preparation for college admissions and/or taking SATs/ACTs?

We have access to LUOA’s guidance counselor who will assist students in completing college applications, applying for college scholarships, etc.  Regarding ACT/SAT testing, CLA will assist students in locating a testing facility to complete these assessments.

 I am interested in pursuing CLA’s High School!  Where do I begin?

We will be thrilled to give you more information!  Contact the school office to get started!  203-775-5191 ext. 2.