Tuition & Fees

Tuition Rates & Fees

Registration Fees: Registration fees are non-refundable and due at the time of registration.  $80 New Students (Maximum $150 Family Fee)

Annual Tuition: Grades 1-8

1st Child 2nd Child 3rd Child
Non-member $6,250 ($625/mo.)  $5,750 ($575/mo.)  $5,200 ($520/mo.)
 First Assembly Members & Pastors $5,200($520/mo.) $5,200 ($520/mo.)  $5,000 ($500/mo.)
Book & Supply Fees:(Maximum $1,000 per family) Book & Supply fee is due by July 15th
Grades: 1-4 $300 Grades: 5-8: $400

Annual Tuition: Pre-School & Kindergarten


Non Member 
Pre-K3-K4 (MWF)
(Full Days)
 Pre-K3, K4& Kindergarten 5 days
(Full Days)
1st Child $5,000 ($500 Mo.) $5,820 ($582 Mo.)
2nd Child $4,350 ($435 Mo.) $5,200 ($520 Mo.)
3rd Child $3,950 ($395 Mo.) $4,700 ($470 Mo.)
First Assembly Members & Pastors: 
Pre-K3-K4 (MWF)
(Full Days)
 Pre-K3, K4& Kindergarten 5 days
(Full Days)
1st Child $3,950 ($395/mo.) $4,700 ($470 Mo.)
2nd Child $4,950 ($395/mo.) $4,700 ($470 Mo.)
3rd Child $3,650 ($365/mo.) $4,200 ($420 Mo.)
Book & Supply Fees: Pre-K3&K4 (3 day)=$175  Pre-K3 & K4 (5 Day)=$200  Kindergarten=$250 

Little Blessing Child Care Center
Infant & One Year Olds First Child 
Five Days $1,095/month
Three Days $860/month
Two Days $640/month
Two-Three Year Olds  First Child
Five Days $1,025/month
Three Days $720/month
Two Days $520/month

Fundraising Fee:

1 full-time student = $250
2 full-time students = $400

All parents are expected to participate in fundraising & other activities that contribute to the financial well-being of the school. This required fee can be “worked off” by participating in fundraisers throughout the year. You may also choose to simply pay it.  Any amount remaining at the end of the school year will be billed to your account by May 31st.

Please call the school office at 203-775-5191 for updated costs.