Scripture Calendar

The inspiration to compile this weekly scriptural reference was spurred on by Mr. Carroll’s last chapel of the school year. In his sermon, Mr. Carroll made mention that during the summer we tend to forget about school topics. This is typical from year to year as our summer vacation we tend to put these things aside and enjoy the break.  He did, however, suggested that we stay in the word and not to let that fall to the wayside. While he was speaking, the Lord showed me a calendar and scripture verses within the dates. I shared this vision at the end of chapel what the Lord impressed upon my heart. I didn’t know how this was to come about as the days left at school were quickly coming to an end. Wanting to be obedient to the Lord and realizing the limited days I sought the students help in creating the calendar. From first to seventh grade they shared their favorite scripture verse and why it was their favorite. The eight grade didn’t get to submit their favorite verse, but they did assist in typing these verses so I could put them into calendar. Reading all of them blessed me tremendously and I know it will bless you also.
 Happy Summer!
Mrs. March

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