What CLA Means To Me

Ashley Pace

Ashley Pace

“At CLA they help you to build a strong foundation in Christ. When my teacher talks about God, or prays, I can feel God in the room.” When asked about her favorite event or activity, Ashley added: “My favorite extracurricular activity is art class.”

Grace Skjerli

“People here care more about you. They give you more attention.” When asked about her favorite activity or event, Grace added: “My favorite extracurricular activity was when we painted a map of the world on the wall. I really enjoyed painting with my friends and having fun with them.”

Caleb Egbert

“I get to do ALEKS on the computer. I can do any topic that I want and go as far as I need to.” Alex is a computer based Math program that CLA utilizes as a part of its curriculum. “My favorite extracurricular activity was field day because the school spent the day together, and all the volunteers helped out.”

Devon Miller

“There are less kids in the classroom and the teacher can focus on you. It’s not just feeding information. They like to get to know you. It’s more personal.” When asked about his favorite activity or event, Devon added: “My favorite event was the eighth grade class trip to Pennsylvania.”