Health & Safety

A note from Nurse Jan Hebert

Dear parents and students,

As the flu season is upon us please keep in mind the following suggestions for staying well and remind your children of these tips at home:

  • Do not share drinks or food
  • Cover your coughs and sneezes by using your inner elbow to cover
  • Wash hands before eating, after using restroom and when coming home from school or other public place.
  • Use soap and water, vigorously scrubbing hands to the tune of “Happy Birthday” song sung twice.
  • Keep arm’s length distance between yourself and someone who seems to have a cold.


If your child appears ill (feels warm to touch, has sore throat, coughs often, vomits or has diarrhea) please use the following guidelines:

Take your child’s temp without fever-reducer in effect and at least 15 min. after eating or drinking. If temp is 100.2F or above keep child home from school until their temp is below 100.2F for at least 24 hours.

If your child vomits or has diarrhea please keep them home until 24 hours pass without these symptoms recurring.

Report your child’s illness to school.


  • Good nutrition (plenty of fruits, vegetables, dairy products proteins and healthy snacks, limiting concentrated sugars,)
  • Staying well-hydrated
  • Plenty of sleep
  • Good hygiene
  • and daily bread from God’s word

all work together to help us stay healthy and resistant to becoming ill.

God bless you and keep you healthy and blessed this winter season.

Jan Hebert, R.N.
CLA School Nurse



Health Newsletter, Issue 4

Nurse Donna Crane