Why CLA? The Lasting Impact of Christian Education

“I am a CLA alumni, having attended CLA from 2nd grade through to graduating 8th grade. This school laid the foundation for my continued education, helping me succeed in high school and also in college. Because of the CLA Curriculum/teaching I was always ahead in my learning and also the public system, but most importantly, CLA was an incredible asset in my relationship with Christ. Each and every class was gospel- centered and God-glorifying. The importance of my growing walk with God in my home was continued/encouraged everyday in school. Christ being everything in my life didn’t stop when I went to school. To this day, I believe school has one of the greatest influences in a child’s life, and I’m so grateful that 5 days a week/7 hours a day, I was blessed/reinforced with a God-centered education. I still remember so many important, valuable lessons from the teaching there and am very grateful for this school.”

Bethywn M.

"Christian Life Academy has been such a great blessing to our family!  My boys, now 10yrs & 8yrs, have excelled academically - and grown in their walk with God because of CLA.  Mason & Chase have attended CLA since Kindergarten and Preschool. I am more confident than ever that they are getting the best education and care possible.

At CLA, students are way ahead of the curve academically - excelling in math, reading, history, and science - as well as growing in art, music, and technology.  Graduates of CLA have gone on to achieve successful careers, grow prosperous families and are leaders within their communities. Unfortunately, today, many students around the country are struggling academically due to poor curriculum, unnecessary school closures and educators who are focused on everything but actual academics. Not so in our school. CLA teachers are engaged with each student and truly care about their academic progress and personal development.  Teachers have a relationship with parents, working with them to guide each child.  This parent-teacher teamwork is critical - and sadly, this is severely lacking in the public education system.

At CLA, the curriculum is focused on excellence in learning and problem solving - but more importantly, it is a God- centered education. Teachers and administrators at CLA know that all knowledge comes from God, and students are taught with honor and respect for God in all aspects of life.

As a mother, my sons are my greatest gift! Having them attend a school where they are truly enriched and lovingly guided in the ways of the Lord is a priority- and a blessing.  My husband and I have confidence dropping them off every day that they are in the hands of caring teachers - and a principal that knows them personally and strives to give them a safe place to learn, thrive and practice the love of God in their lives.

The way I see it - kids are the future. We need to invest in them today, so they are prepared to be the leaders of tomorrow.  In our home, we are striving to raise our sons to be strong, intelligent, honorable individuals who have respect for God and share His love.  It's a journey- and every single day, CLA is right there with us."

Paulette A.

“This school has been a tremendous blessing to our family. The curriculum is amazing (I believe a year ahead of public schools). Our son in K4 already comes home with tons of work he did during the week, from letters, to numbers, to Bible stories, it’s amazing. The faith aspect cannot be over stated. He recites his monthly Bible verse and remembers the book and verse, we couldn't ask for more. The overall vibe we get from the school is what sold us, everyone seems so loving and caring. The older kids hold the door open for me when I enter the school, where else can you find such great manners in today's world?”

Bethany Z.