Shining Truth – Note from the Principal

Note from Principal O’Neil

I want to thank you for choosing and trusting Christian Life Academy to be a part of your family. We love each and every child attending our school and are glad you are here!

Education these days is complicated and sometimes controversial, especially in Connecticut.  Schools have taken on many new roles in the last several years, with academics sliding and hidden agendas.

Like every school we have also noticed the “pandemic slump” (to some degree). Thanks to small class sizes, extra in-school attention, attentive teachers, and high standards, our students are still at or well above grade level.

Last year’s Terranova standardized testing revealed that most of our students scored around the 85th percentile compared to the national averages, with many individual scores well into the 90th percentile.

As for agendas, we have never hidden ours.  Academic excellence is taught in an environment infused with God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit so students are able to reach the fullness of the Lord’s plan for their precious lives!

Yes we teach knowledge, but most importantly we teach truth. Truth does not charge and does not require anyone to agree with it to “make it true for them.”  It exists as part of God’s design for his creation independent of our agreement or even acknowledgement.  We look to God’s word for truth, and we claim it without shame – even when parts of society think we are foolish. We seek God in managing our classrooms, working with students, and running our school. Who could possibly be better at the helm to lead a school than our Almighty Creator as we serve the children he cherishes and loves so dearly.

With that said, I feel blessed and proud to be part of what God is doing through CLA and am excited for what he has in store for our future.

-Craig O’Neil

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